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    NAKD Waterproof Leads in Gorgeous Colours

    A lead doesn’t just have to be a practical accessory. Our NAKD leads are stylish and a pleasure to use every day. Coming in an array of pretty colours, that makes them the ideal accessory for pups with excellent taste. These chic waterproof leads are ideal for use in all weathers. Because they’re made from durable materials, they’re less prone to fraying, cracking or breaking. They’re also less affected by water and grime, so last much longer than non-waterproof designs.

    Another benefit of waterproof leads is they can be wiped down, so are easy to keep clean. Whether you often have muddy walks or trips to the beach, these NAKD leads are highly practical. Being moisture resistant, they’re also less likely to build up those unpleasant odours. Our NAKD leads are designed to be the ultimate accessory for all your walkies.

    Each comes with a swivel clip to make them easy to attach to the collar. They also come with an additional D-ring to add to the base of the poop bag for carrying them easily. Measuring 152 cm x 2cm, these leads are so attractive, they’re likely to be an excellent conversation starter. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, it’s easy to choose a lead that suits their taste and their dog's personality.

    Whether it’s raining or snowing, our waterproof leads are easy to handle. They won’t easily become slippery, so you can enjoy a secure grip at all times. These leads are
    perfect for hiking or any outdoor adventure where the lead might get wet. It’s a great option for active dogs and their owners who enjoy outdoor activities. Since they don’t absorb water, our NAKD leads stay lightweight even when wet, reducing the
    strain on both the dog and the owner. Waterproof leads maintain their strength and flexibility in various conditions, ensuring consistent performance and safety.